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why to choose a free tour?

We are a group of professional and licensed tour guides who have been working in Venice for several years. We thought that it was time to provide an alternative to private tours, an alternative that everybody was FREE to join. Free walking tours are now spread worldwide, they are usually defined as tip-based tours lead by a local guide; this means that, at the end, you are FREE to value the tour you have been attending. Free walking tours allow you to be very flexible: bookings are free and so is cancellation, though we kindly ask that if you change your plans and are not able to come, just notify us, this will help us organize our job at best.

We put all our passion and efforts in our tours, we are local guides who will try their best to show you the real soul of the city, talk about the highlights but also about the problems and controversies that Venice faces everyday. As local and professional guides, one of our goals is to respect the city we live in and perform our tours following the rules. So, when it comes to bureaucracy, we have all the required licenses and, as freelancers, we make receipts. We think that free walking tours are a unique chance to discover a city trough the eyes of a local and, now that you know how they work, just join us! We are waiting for you in Venice!

Why to choose a Specific Paid Tour?

We believe there are some areas of Venice that need to be visited with more attention. Places like Saint Mark’s square and the Jewish Ghetto are so full of interesting culture and history, so rich in stories and facts that it would be a shame just to have a general idea of them. That is the reason why we decided to offer you our low cost paid tours, so that you could have the chance to get to know those beautiful masterpieces of the city in a more specific and detailed way.

If our free walking tours are a general introduction to the city which allows one to have an overall view that includes history, art, culture, traditions and stories of Venice, on the contrary the main purpose of our paid tours is that of concentrating only on one specific topic and examining it closely. As a matter of fact this is the perfect choice for those who would like to deeply understand the painful and yet fascinating history of the Jews and to become fully aware of the incredible architecture, curiosities and history of Saint Mark’s Square.
Analyzing one topic in details does not mean, however, that a tour has to be super expensive. It is absolutely possible to both have proficiency and affordability. This is the concept behind our paid tours: a great service for a great price.

Both our Jewish Ghetto and our Saint Mark’s Square tour have a price of 12 euros per person and it doesn’t include the entrance in any attraction. The amount will be collected directly at the meeting point by the guide and it will be followed by a regular receipt.

Aren’t you curious to know those areas in detail? If so, we are looking forward to meeting you!

Why to choose a Private Tour?

Would you like to live an experience that combines the adventurous spirit of a free tour with the specificity of a paid one? If you are a group of friends or family or simply a couple who wants to enjoy Venice in an intimate situation, without sharing your guide with anybody else, our private tours are the perfect solution for you!

We will guide you at the discovery of whatever area of Venice you are interested in by making good use of our proficiency, humor and passion. We will be glad to fully customize the tour according to all your needs, both in terms of attractions to visit and in length of the tour, so that you can live a completely satisfying tailor maid experience . This is definitely the option we suggest you to choose if you don’t like sharing your holiday with strangers or if you feel like you need a different and more focused attention to make your staying in Venice an unforgettable one.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any information you need. Our staff will be available to answer all your questions and design a tour which suits all your needs.

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