Venice walking tour

Always wondered to see Venice through the eyes of a local? Join one of the free tours led by our team!
We are a group of people composed of freelance tour guides who decided to work together to support authentic and local side of Venice, the city we live in and that we truly love.
Venice Walking Tour is not part of a big multinational company and it’s composed by licensed tour guides who support local traditions, local business and culture. Most of all, we proudly encourage sustainable tourism, which is the concept of visiting a city and trying to have a positive impact on its environment, its society and its economy. We truly believe that this is the most important thing, especially in a city like Venice.

Free tours

Morning Tour

Venice Highlights You Don't Know About!

Our tour takes you to the city's must-see highlights away from the crowds. Relaxing yet rich in history, it offers unique attractions you can't miss. Tired of crowded tours with little to remember? Join us
Afternoon Tour

The Venice Only The Local Know!

Do you want to discover the real soul of Venice and its hidden gems? Would you like to wander around the city like an authentic Venetian? If the answer is yes, this tour will suit all your needs!

Private tours

Unconventional Venice Tours

For travelers who want to experience the city like locals, discover places that a lot of visitors usually miss and get enchanted by the hidden beauty of the city!

Full Day In Venice

If you only have one day or a couple of hours to spend in Venice and you want to make the best out of your time book our full day in Venice tour!

Doge’S Palace And Saint Mark’S Basilica

Saint Mark’s square is the must see in Venice! People from all over the world come to Venice to take a picture of the Basilica, and Doge’s Palace they made Saint Mark’s square one of the most beautiful squares in the world! We are ready to lead to you the discovery of the beauty, the history and the architecture of these two important buildings.

Jewish Ghetto

When, on 29th March 1516, the Venetian government decided to segregate the Jew in a limited and restricted area of the city, it unawarely gave birth to what would have become the very first ghetto in the world. Indeed the word ghetto, now used everywhere, has Venetian origins. If this has grabbed your attention, we will start a walk at Campo San Geremia, focused on the ghetto and its neighborhood.
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